Homeschool? DL? Blended?

What do you mean by Traditional,
Homeschool and Distributed Learning?

Homeschooling, Traditional Education and Distributed Learning all have separate meanings and parameters set by the Ministry of Education. If you are exploring the options for educating your child, a good place to start is by clicking here for the BC Ministry’s definitions.

If you are choosing a non-traditional educational path for your child(ren), you have quite a few options in British Columbia.

You can Homeschool on your own and stay connected to other Homeschool families through organizations like the South Delta Home Learners or the Greater Vancouver Home Learners. But, through this choice, you do not stay connected to the Ministry and will need to do some research if you wish to connect in later years for graduation purposes. Look at the comparison of Homeschool to DL in this chart:

 Traditional homeschoolingOnline learning with a B.C. public or independent schoolIn-person learning at a B.C. public or independent school
Must follow the B.C. curriculum.NoYesYes
Learning must be supervised by a B.C.-certified teacher, as part of their duties of employment with a B.C. school (responsibilities include planning, selecting educational resource materials, facilitating learning activities, and documenting learning)NoYesYes
Learner progress must be evaluated and report cards prepared by a B.C.-certified teacherNoYesYes
Student progress must be evaluated by a teacher and report cards are prepared by a teacher 3 times a yearNoYesYes
Learner must participate in Provincial Graduation Assessments and Foundation Skills AssessmentsNoYesYes
Religious beliefs may be taughtYesNo - Public
Yes - Independent
No - Public
Yes - Independent
Status of student with schoolRegistered as a homeschoolerEnrolled studentEnrolled student


If you go the Distributed Learning (DL) path, you have a variety of choices in programs and delivery methods. This website does a very good job of outlining the choices of DL programs in British Columbia.

Home Quest is one of these public programs.

When you begin researching DL programs, you will find Home Quest is unique. At Home Quest, we are focused on flexibility and blending the family’s vision of education with the Ministry guidelines.

Home Quest is a blended program, sitting in the middle of the continuum between Traditional and Homeschool and between Homeschool and Distributed Learning.

Our professional, certified teachers are experienced in the DL, Traditional and Homeschool educational models and philosophies. We are open-minded and creative in assisting a family with their journey. Home Quest does not assign a set curriculum to our community of learners, but helps to create each student’s path – one child and one family at a time, creating the ultimate in diversified learning.