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Is Home Quest the program for you?

Let’s find out! Here’s how you can get the process started.

  1. Interested families email the Home Quest office at
  2. We will email you some basic information and an interview form.
  3. Once you return the interview form, our coorindator will set up a virtual meeting with you to learn more about you and your student. During this meeting you may also meet the teacher associated with your grade ban.
  4. Should you wish to register after the interview, we will send you the necessary information and begin the process of setting up an in person student learning plan meeting. Once this is complete let the learning begin!

The Home Quest school year mirrors the public system to a large extent.

Home Quest is open for enrolment year-round when space is available. Please note that we do not do enrolment during Student Planning times which occur at the end of each term. During this time we are sharing and assessing current students. For more information on these times please see our calendar or contact our office. Our office is closed over the summer and will reopen the last week of August. During this week we will continue with enrolment.

Registration forms are available after the initial interview. Registration is open to all students who are in Kindergarten to Grade 9 and BC Residents. The program is available free of charge as part of the Delta School District. You will need to provide the following documentation:

  • Proof of Status and Age:
    Please provide one of the following for BOTH the student and parent/guardian:

Birth Certificate
Canadian Citizenship Card
Canadian Passport

Landed Immigrant Document
Permanent Resident Card
Refugee Documentation
Enhanced Driver’s License

  • Proof of Residency:
    Please provide one of the following:

Mortgage or Purchase Agreement
Property Tax Assessment
Rental Agreement
Current Month Rental Receipt
Letter from Landlord