K-2 Learning

What will my K-2 Day with my learner look like: (Based on a Daily 5 model)

  •   Calendar/ Question of the day:
  •   Read to Self
  •  Read to Others
  •   Listen to Reading (Story Time)
  •  Word Work
  •  Physical and Health Education
  •  Writing
  •  Math Instruction and game play
  • Play/Exploration Embedded throughout
  • Fine ArtsEncourage oral language development
    through conversations and by having your child tell you about their learning. Your can also audio record your child explaining their thinking on our Bright Space Platform
    **Please note that this is only a suggested time table. Time for each student would be dependent on ability to focus. Build stamina for learning slowly by starting with shorter amounts of time and increasing it as you go.

K-2 Learning Responsibilities

As the Home Facilitator, you are the guide of your child’s learning journey and establish a routine at an early age is critical to their success. As the home facilitator of a young student, some of your tasks would include:

– Creating a clutter free learning area for your child.

– Establishing a weekly schedule.

– Ensuring you complete our Bright Space orientation and you are familiar with our program.

– Communicating with your teacher on a regular basis.

– Uploading evidence of learning to our Bright Space platform. This would include two pieces of learning evidence from every subject area once every two weeks. We recommend that you create a document that can be uploaded as a pdf.

– Choosing the additional learning that fits your child’s journey.

For more information on our Kindergarten Program please see our Handbook Welcome to Kindergarten