Student Work Samples

This is a page full of amazing student work. Celebrate with our students on their accomplishments and feel free to be inspired!


This gorgeous piece is by Keaton in Grade 3 and titled “Fisherman”.







Liam has been playing piano at Carillon Music school since age 5, and he’s now 11. He’s been playing with his current teacher in an accelerated program for the last 4 years. He performs at 2 piano festivals/competitions per year: a contemporary festival in February where he plays a pop piece, a blues/jazz piece, a ragtime piece and his original composition, and a classical festival in April where he plays 3 pieces from different classical music time periods (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century). Liam has to memorize all of his pieces, and he practices the pieces for months to prepare for the festivals. We estimate that it took Liam about 10 hours to write his original composition (shown in the video link), then several weeks of playing it and tweaking it to get it performance-ready. Liam completed his Grade 6 Royal Conservatory (RCM) exam last summer. He’s competing at RCM Grade 7 level this February, and he’ll be competing as RCM Grade 8 in April. He’ll sit the RCM Grade 8 practical exam this coming summer. He practices for about an hour a day, and takes one lesson every week. His brother Kieran just started playing piano as well and is showing a lot of interest and ability too!
Below is a video of Liam playing his original composition for his piano festival.


This is a beautiful piece by Connor in Grade 7 after a workshop at 4Cats Studio.







In January the Rogerson Family had the opportunity to do some outdoor exploring on snowmobiles in Whistler. The best part was that Mackenzie and Carter got to drive their own kid-sized snowmobiles. Not only did we have a great time being outdoors as a family but I loved watching their confidence skyrocket as they learned a new skill, had time to practice, wiped out and tried again! Giving them the chance to try something new and challenging in a controlled setting was a great way to build their confidence which hopefully will help them be open to trying new and challenging things in the future:)
Submitted by The Rogerson Family