About Our Staff



Mrs. Jenny Slinn is our Home Quest Coordinator as well as one of our teachers. Jenny has taught all ages with many different backgrounds in a variety of settings in her 22 years as an educator. She loves understanding and connecting with learners and families on a deep level to help families find their just-right educational pathway. Jenny found the perfect solution when she came to Home Quest in 2016 because the diversity and flexibility of the Home Quest program allows her to facilitate those individual journeys for every learner. When not at Home Quest, Jenny is a reader, swimmer and photographer and enjoys board games with friends, her husband and two boys.

Mrs. Slinn can be reached during regular office hours and is often available by appointment on Mondays and Fridays, as well.

You can learn more about her by clicking this link.

You can contact Mrs. Slinn directly at homequest@deltasd.bc.ca or 604.597.8353


Mrs. Kerry Dyck has been a teacher at Home Quest for more than 10 years. Mrs. Dyck specializes in early and primary education. She believes in learning through play, expanding a child’s imagination, building regular routines and making learning fun and accessible for all students. Before becoming a Home Quest teacher, Mrs. Dyck was a home learning mom with the program. She brought four daughters through Home Quest and now enjoys watching them build their own lives as young adults. In her spare time, Mrs. Dyck enjoys being with her husband, family and friends.

Mrs. Dyck can be reached on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

You can contact Mrs. Dyck directly at kdyck@deltasd.bc.ca or 604.597.8353


Mrs. Chantelle Desharnais is our newest Home Quest teacher. Chantelle graduated from UBC in 2000 with a degree in Education and a degree in Human Kinetics. She is a very passionate educator with extensive experience teaching all subject areas K-12. Chantelle is an enthusiastic, adaptable teacher and committed to helping develop a well thought-out and high quality educational plan. She believes collaboration and building relationships with students and their families are key to a student’s success, and are important elements that contribute to healthy growth, communication, and emotional and cognitive development. In her spare time, Chantelle and her husband enjoy golfing, motorcycling, kayaking, cycling, fishing, hunting, gardening, spending time with their families, and traveling to hot destinations. They have a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Flash who requires lots of cuddles and keeps them very active with her gentle and happy personality.

When not teaching, Mrs. Desharnais can be reached during regular office hours and is often available by appointment on Mondays and Fridays, as well.

You can contact Mrs. Desharnais directly at cdesharnais@deltasd.bc.ca or 604.597.8353


Mrs. Jennifer Smith is away on maternity leave with her beautiful new baby, Holly.





Mrs. Ravina Asre is with us while Jen is on maternity leave. Ravina is our front line for keeping our office running smoothly. She helps with the library and all administrative work – including supporting families with orders and through technical obstacles! When Ravina is not busy managing the teachers of Home Quest, she is busy with her family. Ravina, her husband and two children live within the North Delta community and enjoy as much time together as they can manage.

You can reach Ravina during regular office hours at rasre@deltasd.bc.ca or 604.597.8353


Mrs. April Stebbings is our Educational Assistant. She brings warmth and wisdom to the Home Quest crew and loves nothing more than spending time with our students. April has many years of experience working with students and loves the unique connections Home Quest fosters between home and school. She lives near Annieville with her husband and two children.

You can contact April, when she isn’t in the classroom, during regular office hours at astebbings@deltasd.bc.ca or 604.597.8353


Mrs. Janice Malesku is the Home Quest Accountant. She works out of the District’s DMEC office and can be reached Monday through Friday. Janice helps with purchasing, keeps track of each family’s funding/spending and generally keeps us all in line. Janice is a lifeline in helping sourcing out great materials, programs and purchases. Families will often talk directly with Janice when needing to order an item or sign up for classes. We love her patience and depend on her direction.

You can contact Janice directly at jmalesku@deltasd.bc.ca or 604.952.5326


Mr. Ted Johnson is the District Director of Learning Services and works out of the District’s DMEC office Monday through Friday. As part of that Director position, Mr. Johnson oversees both Home Quest and Delta Access as Principal (Delta Access is the District’s Grade 10-12 Distributed Learning Program.). Mr. Johnson has a depth and breadth of knowledge and is our go-to for administrative, operational and district questions. He helps guide the general direction and programming of Home Quest, and, like Janice, is very much appreciated for his patience and flexibility!

You can contact Mr. Johnson directly at tjohnson@deltasd.bc.ca or 604.952.5324