What does Home Quest offer?

Home Quest is a blended program that can be a link for homeschooling families to the Ministry of Education or an in-person, hands-on approach to Distributed Learning. Ultimately, Home Quest takes care to build special relationships with families and students in order to build a supportive structure and a home base from which families can launch their educational adventure.

At Home Quest you will find . . .

. . . Certified B.C. teachers offering families guidance and support on navigating the BC Curriculum and developing individualized student learning plans.

. . . Students may opt to come to classes/workshops once or twice a week and/or make use of memberships to online educational programs like A-Z Learning, All the Right Type and Mathletics.

. . . Families may choose to go on field trips and attend workshops that connect them to the curriculum, community and one another.

. . . Home Quest’s base in Annieville Elementary offers two classrooms, roomy office and meeting space, an area for parents to research, prep and plan activities and an extensive resource library.

. . . As a public education program and “school” of the Delta School District, Home Quest is free to all BC Residents and offers funding to families throughout the year.