Who are Home Quest parents?

Who are Home Quest parents? What is their role?


Home Quest parents are a diverse group with a variety of experiences and philosophies.

  • Many of our families have always known that they wanted to homeschool their children, but also appreciate the ability, through Home Quest, to stay connected to the Ministry expectations for education.
  • Some of our families travel, or are athletes, actors or musicians that make attending full-time, traditional school challenging.
  • Some of our students were struggling to find success in traditional school and find Home Quest a supportive way to get back on their feet before possibly transitioning back into the traditional environment.

There are a number of reasons that families come to Home Quest, but once they are here, individual reasons merge into a diverse and supportive community. Home Quest parents embark on independent educational journeys, but support one another through sharing ideas, materials and meeting face-to-face for social and educational reasons.

Supporting your child at home while they learn is not an easy task and it helps to know you are not alone in your hiccups or triumphs.

The Home Facilitator is the key link between the learning plan and the student’s daily progress. Teachers moderate, support, give feedback and assess the process, but the Home Facilitator is the one in the trenches each day, making sure a schedule is adhered to and routines are built. It is important to Home Quest families to know that they have not only the support of Home Quest teachers, but also that of the community of parents.

Why is communication SO important?

  • Good communication can build and maintain relationships. The more positive relationships we have, the better!
  • Reaching out to communicate can provide opportunities for socializing and connecting.
  • Sharing questions and ideas can increase motivation and productivity and help facilitate innovation. Two or more heads are better than one!
  • Thoughtful communication can shift perspectives and alter attitudes. We are all learners in this process and sharing perspectives, triumphs and struggles can help us better understand our own roles and journeys as much as we may help others.
  • Consistent and frequent communication will help build an effective team and ensure information is shared and understood. There are many opportunities at Home Quest and the process can seem complicated at times, but communication will help clarify things and solidify the team of learners and supporters.


Where to check for important information?

This website is a key communicative tool for both prospective and current families. Please be sure to visit frequently and contact us at any time with any questions.

  • Contact Us – this page will take you straight to our contact information.


  • News and Events Tab – this tab will give you access to our field trip information and calendar.


  • Staff Tab – this tab will introduce you to our staff and provide their individual contact information.


Check the upcoming events sidebar on each page for the most immediate information.