Ordering & Resources

We are here to support you with curriculum choices.

Home Quest has a large library of resources for all ages and subject areas.

We have online memberships and some programming options, as well.

Teachers are prepared to offer suggestions and identify ways to support families as needed.

We will provide families with a digital toolkit for planning, looking through resources, investigating learning opportunities and how to track, support, assess and report your child’s learning. This resource is available through your child’s online school account.

But sometimes there are too many choices and families are overwhelmed with where to start. If this is the case, we recommend having us order the basic curriculum toolkit we’ve designed for you. Using the materials in that kit on a daily basis will cover most aspects of the curriculum. You can use it while you build routines and confidence and then branch out with some of the other ideas when you are ready – if you want to!

Guide to Ordering Resources

This link will guide you through the ordering process.

Community Resources

This link will take you to more ideas and resources connected to the district and larger community and broken down by subject area.

The Library

This link will take you to our library, community libraries and even video tutorials of what is in the Home Quest library.