As we wind down the 2018/19 school year and look towards the warm, restorative days of summer break, I would like to take this time to acknowledge the hard work and commitment to success we have experienced across Delta School District this school year.
Thank you to all our parents and staff who have helped and supported our students in innumerable ways…. Read more »

Come and check out the talent of one of our students! Liam will be performing on the amphitheater stage at Delta Days on Sunday, June 23rd, as a piano accompanist to one of the headline acts. Their set will start at 12:45pm, and Liam will be performing 2 songs with the vocalist…. Read more »

June is Pride Month, and the Delta School District is raising rainbow flags this week at the two administrative buildings in Ladner to recognize this global initiative.
“We want to honour the fact that it is Pride Month and reaffirm our longstanding commitment to establishing and maintaining a safe and positive learning environment for all students and employees,” says Laura Dixon,… Read more »

These resources were shared by a staff member and I thought you might appreciate checking them out.
Kelty Mental Health Resource Center – an excellent resource for parents, youth, health and education professionals.
Foundry – a resource for young people aged 12-2.
Anxiety Canada –… Read more »

The Delta School District is pleased to offer a parent information night on the topic of “Keeping Our Children Safe from Gangs.”
The session is offered in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Safer Schools Together and will take place on May 23rd at Seaquam Secondary (6:30 to 8:00).  Parents will have the opportunity to meet a young person who became involved in gang life at a young age and learn how he was able to end this gang involvement to live positively and productively…. Read more »

The Museum of Surrey is asking you – 
Show and Share Contest
Is your LEGO® masterpiece fit for a museum? Then let’s see it! The Show and Share exhibit cases will take on a LEGO® theme for the duration of the Worlds of Wonder exhibit. And we need your creation to fill it…. Read more »

Canada Child and Youth Mental Health Day – May 7th
May 7th: It Happened Like This

The link takes you to FamilySmart.
FamilySmart comes along-side young people and families to provide support, navigation assistance and information and then invites them and professionals to come-alongside each other to learn with and from each other to enhance the quality of experiences and services for child and youth mental health…. Read more »

Week long summer day camps for July and August
Summer camp at Urban Safari is a week of exploration and discovery is a small class setting. From Monday to Friday – 10am to 3pm. your child will have their curiosity about animals and the natural world stoked. They will learn about habitats,… Read more »

Whoooo can turn their head almost all the way around, fly without making a sound, and see their next meal while perched high in a tree? Unravel the mystery with:

Nest building
Nature walks
Owl pellet dissection
Live owls

Learn about local owl conservation and rehabilitation efforts from the Northern Spotted Owl Breeding Program and Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation folks…. Read more »

The City has launched a new Mayor for a Day contest today which runs until May 15, 2019, for Delta students, specifically students in grades 5 to 7
Please follow link for more info.
This initiative is organized by the City of Delta.
·         Mayor for a Day contest on
·         Mayor Harvie Tweet promo
·         Link to Mayor for a Day entry formRead more »

This year’s Delta Trades & Technical Fair will be held April 25 at Sungod Arena in North Delta.

Details are here. Read more »