Vision 2030 includes the District’s mission, values and goals. The Vision is posted in the Home Quest office near the Home Quest values: connection, growth and adaptability. There are clear alignments between the HQ values and those of the District and the way that HQ lives their values; through deep connections to each family and individualized student learning journeys;… Read more »

Home Quest is planning our last week of activities before Winter Break and looking for ways to ensure that well-being and mental health flourish during this time. We have sent a selection of fun, family oriented activities to families to register for and to come and be together with one another before the break…. Read more »

During our portfolio meetings, we meet each family where they are at and find their next best step. Together with the student, parent and teacher, we set achievable goals that nudge students just enough to build confidence and acquire new skills. Home Quest works hard to set high expectations for every learner. … Read more »

Our 2030 Vision values the practice of making sure students influence through voice and choice. Home Quest teachers are in week 2 of 3 of what we call Portfolio Meetings. These are 1 to 1 meetings between the parent, student and teacher in which they reflect on the term’s goals and learning and set new goals for the next term…. Read more »