District Links and Resources

These links should be useful for both planning and supporting your child at home. They are resources that the District provides.


Story Studios in Delta: This link will take you to Delta’s Story Studio home. Here you will find inspiration in how to build story ideas and writing with your child through natural play. Please let us know if you wish for Home Quest time in Delta’s Story Studio.

Literacy Website: It is essential that you establish daily literacy routines at home with your child from a very early age. These routines become habits and learning becomes easier and easier. This website will help breakdown and explain the important aspects of each necessary routine in building literacy success and provides tons of wonderful tools and resources to support your child.

Numeracy Website: Like the Literacy page, Delta is working hard to create a central location for teachers to collect resources for students. This page will help you break down and make accessible for your child the tools to success in Numeracy. These pages are works in progress and will continue to grow.

Indigenous Education: Weaving Indigenous perspectives into learning is a large piece of the new BC Curriculum. We are building our resources at Home Quest to make this more accessible for you, but this website will go a long way in helping, too.

Delta Academies: This is a unique opportunity for our Grade 8 and 9 students to be involved in a District program that is of special interest to them and connect with professionals in the field. Check out the options on the website!

Deltalearns: This is the home page for the District’s teacher resources. Please feel free to explore.