Staff Contacts

The information below contains all our staff and teacher information.

Home Quest Teachers

Kerry Dyck


Mrs. Kerry Dyck has been a teacher at Home Quest for more than 10 years. Mrs. Dyck specializes in early and primary education. She believes in learning through play, expanding a child’s imagination, building regular routines and making learning fun and accessible for all students. Before becoming a Home Quest teacher, Mrs. Dyck was a home learning mom with the program. She brought four daughters through Home Quest and now enjoys watching them build their own lives as young adults. In her spare time, Mrs. Dyck enjoys being with her husband, family and friends.

You can contact Mrs. Dyck directly at


Rosemary Harris


Ms. Harris has been a teacher for over thirty years. She has taught every grade level from K-12. Additionally, she has taught at UBC and in Australia, New Mexico, and Connecticut. Rosemary has a love for life long learning. She enjoys fostering children’s curiosity, and helping them to become inquisitive and motivated learners. Rosemary’s background is in English, Anthropology, and Special Education. She worked for many years as a specialist in gifted education providing enrichment programmes. Her interests include writing, exploring different cultures, and extensive travel. In the last few years, she has enjoyed implementing digital learning into her primary classroom. She is excited to join Home Quest this year as a brand new team member.

You can reach Ms. Harris at


Sarah Wildgrove


Mrs. Wildgrove has been a Kindergarten and Grade 1 teacher in Delta for 10 years.  She is new to Home Quest this year, and is thrilled to join the team.  Sarah believes in a collaborative approach to a child’s education, and is looking forward to working closely with her student’s families.  Sarah takes time to truly get to know all of her students.  She believes that building strong connections and developing social emotional learning skills is vital to a child’s success; both in and out of the classroom.  Sarah spends much of her free time crafting with her daughter, woodworking with her husband Ian, and growing their family business.  She has developed a love of the outdoors, and cannot wait for warmer weather so her family can get back out exploring in their boat.

You can reach Mrs. Wildgrove at



Tracey Coelho

Tracey is our Home Quest Recourse teacher. Tracey brings to the team a wealth of knowledge in helping students with exceptionalities navigate their school years. She has years of expertise as both a teacher and a parent.

You can reach Mrs. Coelho at


Home Quest Staff

Ted Johnson, Principal

Mr. Ted Johnson is the District Director of Learning Services and works out of the District’s DMEC office Monday through Friday. As part of that Director position, Mr. Johnson oversees both Home Quest and Delta Access as Principal (Delta Access is the District’s Grade 10-12 Distributed Learning Program.). Mr. Johnson has a depth and breadth of knowledge and is our go-to for administrative, operational and district questions. He helps guide the general direction and programming of Home Quest, and, like Janice, is very much appreciated for his patience and flexibility!

You can contact Mr. Johnson at or 604.952.5324

Jenny Slinn, Coordinator


Mrs. Jenny Slinn is our Home Quest Coordinator. Jenny has taught all ages with many different backgrounds in a variety of settings in her 23 years as an educator. She loves understanding and connecting with learners and families on a deep level to help families find their just-right educational pathway. Jenny found the perfect solution when she came to Home Quest in 2016 because the diversity and flexibility of the Home Quest program allows her to facilitate those individual journeys for every learner. When not at Home Quest, Jenny is a reader, swimmer and photographer and enjoys board games with friends, her husband and two boys.

You can contact Mrs. Slinn at or 604.597.8353

April Stebbings, Educational Assistant


Mrs. April Stebbings is our Educational Assistant. She brings warmth and wisdom to the Home Quest crew and loves nothing more than spending time with our students. April has many years of experience working with students and loves the unique connections Home Quest fosters between home and school. She lives near Annieville with her husband and two children.

You can contact April, when she isn’t in the classroom, during regular office hours at or 604.597.8353

Jennifer Smith, Administrative Assistant


Mrs. Jennifer Smith is often the first face and voice you’ll hear at Home Quest. As our administrative assistant, she helps keep Home Quest running smoothly. If she cannot answer your question when you call, she knows who to pass you to and will ensure you are well supported. Mrs. Smith is warm and friendly and happy to listen whenever you call.

You can reach Mrs. Smith at or 604.597.8353